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(By guest contributor Tim Connor) It has now been almost five months since voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1 in Spokane, the city charter amendment that requires the City to have an independent police ombudsman. And, yet, we still don’t. Ombudsman Tim Burns’s continues to be shackled by the terms of a 2008 “interim” agreement negotiated behind closed doors between former Mayor Mary Verner and the Spokane Police Guild. He cannot conduct the independent investigations that are now required by the city charter, nor can he issue the independent reports that Proposition 1 requires.

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(Editorial) Police are allowed to investigate themselves.  Really, that is the current ludicrous situation. That is now what happens when a citizen files a complaint about the Spokane Police Department.  There are no checks and balances. No real oversight.  No Transparency.  Prop 1 on the Spokane Ballot for the February 12 election would change that.

Prop 1 in Spokane  mandates independent investigations of complaints of police misconduct.   It also gives average citizens a voice by creating a citizen oversight committee.  We need this to prevent another citizen like Otto Zehm from being killed.  Here is a video and transcript of Spokane City Councilwomen Amber Waldref asking us to vote “yes” for Prop 1 to support our Spokane Office of Police Ombudsman and giving him or her the authority to independently conduct real investigations.  According to Spokane City Councilwomen Amber Waldref,
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