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I have been hearing for years that the 3rd Legislative District, Spokane, WA, is the poorest in the State of Washington.  However, no one has ever offered me a evidence for that claim.  I finally got around to checking into it.  It is true enough.  The 3rd LD is one of the poorest in the states and contains some of the poorest neighborhoods in Spokane City and County.  It is interesting that the 3rd LD is also one of the most Democratic in the State but with one of the lowest voter registration and voter turnout rates.

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Patty Murray and Candidates

At the Patty Murray “kick-off” here in Spokane she was introduced by Bret Blankenship.  He modestly identified himself as an Eastern Washington farmer who, “Took off my overalls and put on a suite to introduce my friend, Patty Murray”.  He went on to extol her virtues and how she had helped him in the past and is still willing to help him today.
He was far too modest.  Bret Blankenship is president of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG), the second most powerful lobby in the state and decidedly right of center.  Dino Rossi would have killed for that introduction for his campaign.  You have to look no further for assurance that Patty Murray has to be the big favorite in her race for the senate.

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