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spokane cit coun free speechMike Fagan‘s eighth man circus has caused another ruckus. I support what Councilman Jon Snyder wrote about it. Still, there is a lot of confusion about what free speech really is.  The City Council did not ban any words the other day, and it is hyperbola for KXLY to claim that it did.  A TV station should have a better grasp of the legislative process and what the word banning really means.

If I want to, it is within my personal 1st amendment rights to ask you to stop talking. I most likely would not do that, because it is a bit overbearing and disrespectful. However, it is also not even what the Spokane City Council did the other day.

I might, however, ask you not to use a word that I consider offense or respectful.  Freedom of speech is not restricted simply because someone is advised not to use a word. It is their right to ask you, and it is your right to ignore their request if you choose.

Restrictions only happen when you are actually denied the right to expressed yourself. Read the rest of this entry

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jon snyderSpokane City Councilman Jon Snyder has been busy.  It is nice to see an elected official who knows the difference between running for office and governing.  Voters hate political bickering.  The want elected officials who work for them, and not just work to get re-elected.  Thanks Jon Snyder!  The  below is from his January 2, 2012, Newsletter. Read the rest of this entry

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Nancy McLaughlin Wins: The Biggest Union Basher!

Nancy, you won.  However, it really was not a contest. You did not have to prove to everyone in Spokane that you are the biggest labor union basher on the Spokane City Council.

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Janitors Rally to Rebuild the Middle Class (Update)

Spokane Area Office Cleaners Organize for Good Jobs & Strong Communities:  The Janitors and window washers who clean, and maintain office buildings in the Spokane area gathered in Downtown Spokane on Saturday, July 21, to march and rally in support of their statewide contract campaign for “Good Jobs and Strong Communities.” Spokane janitor’s remain some of the  lowest paid in the state.  After a short rally, the cleaning professionals from SEIU Local 6 marched from downtown office building to downtown office building that they cleaned and help maintain.  Spokane City Council Member, and candidate for the 3rd Legislative District, Jon Snyder attended to show his support.  Read the rest of this entry

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