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Bonnie Mager and Steve Salvatori laugh it up

MAger and Salvatori
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Bonnie Mager has a knack for turning opponents into friends. At Unity in the Community, primary candidate Steve Salvatori and incumbent Bonnie Mager laugh it up. By the time this photo was taken, Salvatori had already conceded defeat and was taking down his signs.

This photo is to the credit of both Steve and Bonnie. Too many politicians and people in general take themselves too seriously. Sure . . . the problems that our community and society face are serious, but as individuals we need to be humble about our own role in solving them.

According to Bart Haggin, Bonnie and Phil Harris are now getting along well also.

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Mager was the true winner last Tuesday

Bonnie Mager gave Al French, Steve Salvatori, Jeff Holy, and David Elton a whooping in the County Commissioner race for Ward #3.  She pulled 46.7% of the vote compared to 17.47% for French, 16.87% for Holy, 15.35% Salvatori, and 3.6% Elton as of Sunday, August 22.

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Election Night

By Bart Haggin

Election night parties by Democrats are not what they used to be but Tuesday night was a little more than what was expected at The Hamilton Studio (aka Toad Hall).  The long ago converted school gym was packed at $10 a head and the crowd was really unexpectedly large so while the food was in short supply the people didn’t seem to mind and the “spirits” kept flowing nicely.

“New comers” were in abundance and rather surprising in such a somber time  for Democrats but maybe that was because of the tough economic conditions.  Toad Hall is great venue for many conversations at the same time and they were “animated”.  The usual Democratic suspects were there too, while a few of the prominent candidates took a pass.  Several “non-partisan” city council members were there as well.

The energy level was high for all in attendance.  The three most successful candidates were Bonnie Mager, Andy Billig and the real surprise, Frank Malone.

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