Rob McKenna has been making his rounds with the outlandish claim that he won the first debate with candidate Jay Inslee for Governor of Washington.  The debate occurred in Spokane two weeks ago.  Maybe McKenna thought  it was a contest to be the most annoying, or the most elitist, or perhaps who could bash middle-class American’s the hardest.

To quote one audience member who was at the Jay Inslee vs. Rob McKenna debate, Rob McKenna was apparently “blaming homeowners for the financial crisis.”

He asked Inslee if he regrets his congressional votes to make it easier to obtain loans with poor credit.  Inslee explained that he actually had opposed financial industry deregulation back in the Clinton years.  Inslee went on to say that the Romney-McKenna view of life “is that we have problems because of homeowners, not Wall Street.  I have a fundamentally different view.”
Directly below is part of the Rob McKenna email where he claims he won the debate .
Debate Win!
Tuesday night was the first gubernatorial debate between Rob and his opponent Congressman Jay Inslee – and Rob showed that he is the candidate with better ideas about how to improve our state. Rob gave detailed ideas from his plan for a New Direction for Washington State, while Congressman Inslee offered little beyond the same failed policies and political talking points that the politics-as-usual crowd in Olympia loves.

Tuesday’s debate was further proof that Rob McKenna has the vision and experience to shake up the status quo and get our state moving forward again.

Upcoming Event With Jeb Bush – June 27

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Volunteer Events Across Washington

This campaign is going to be won with the hard work and support of our campaign team.  We have had record turnouts for our volunteer events with hundreds of Team McKenna volunteers knocking on doors and making phone calls.  Please keep up the momentum and attend our upcoming events!  Sign up to learn when the next event is at

Keep Building Momentum

With Tuesday’s debate win and the Team McKenna enthusiasm for our campaign continuing to grow, Rob is closer than ever to winning this election.  But, we cannot let up.  Our opponent is well funded, and ex-Congressman Inslee and the special interest groups will be attacking Rob over the next five months. (Rob McKenna email)

Who do you think won?

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