(Editorial) Spokane Public Libraries play a vital role in our communities to provide grade school children with a safe, educational environment outside of school and in the summer.  This is particularly true in low-income neighborhoods where educational materials are often not available at home.  To the right is a video of Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart asking you to vote “yes” on Prop 3, and below is a transcript of the video.

I am asking you to support Proposition 3 on the February ballot.   The election is February 12th.   Prop  3 is the Library Levy.  The Library Levy will keep branches open, because next year we are facing a five hundred thousand dollar  deficit in the library system and we will have to close branches unless something is done.

Prop 3: The Library Levy

[Prop  3, the Library Levy] will help keep branches open and it will also allow the three neighborhood branches in Hillard, East Central, and Indian Trails to stay open forty hours per week that are now only open twenty-two hours per week.  This will allow equity with our neighbors.  The cost of this Library Levy is very minimal.  It is only seven cents for every 1,000 dollars of access property value.  That means that some one who owns a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar home will only pay ten dollars and fifty cents a year to help save our libraries and keep them open. This is a minimal amount.  It is less than one book costs if you go to the book store.  We are asking you to sacrifice one book next year to keep our libraries open for all of Spokane.  Thank you.

Vote for Prop 3 for the Library Levy!

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