(Editorial) There will be a proposition on your February 12 ballot  to hamstring our Spokane City Council and make it harder for them to do their jobs.   Prop 2 is a confusing idea what would allow a small minority (2 out of 7) sitting council member to stop some of it the most important work.  It is undemocratic and unnecessary.

Here is a video of Ben Stuckart, President of the Spokane City Council asking for you to vote “No” on Prop. 2 in Spokane and against minority rule.

I am asking you to vote “No” on proposition 2.  On February 12 we have an election, and Proposition 2 is a charter change to require a 5/7 majority or over 70% of the people elected to the Spokane City Council to change any existing taxes or any new taxes.

Prop 2 is Confusing and Undemocratic

Right now I don’t believe that is a good idea.  There are a few different reasons why.

First, it is confusing because some taxes are exempt from this; some fees are not exempt. The business registration fee would be required by this charter change.  We don’t what other taxes that are not included.

Second, rule by the minority is what Thomas Jefferson called the tyranny of the minority.  It is not democratic to require 70% of your elected officials to get something done.

Third, no one can point to a single example in the last ten years how we have raised taxes at all by less than a majority of citizens.  We are asking you to reject this because I live next to you, my fellow council members live down the street from you.  If you have a problem you can come talk to us.

We take our jobs seriously.  Please don’t hamstring us.  Please vote “No” on Proposition 2.

Update:  The Inland Northwest Leadership Pac released a press release criticizing David Condon’s involvement in the Yes on Prop 2 campaign.  To see it, click here.

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