Here is an update from the Northwest Leadership PAC on the lack of paid sick leave in Spokane and work on the issue by City Council.

~ In 2014, a comprehensive community survey indicated 87% of Spokane residents agreed: “working people who are sick or have sick children should be able to take paid sick days.”

Currently, about 40,000 workers in Spokane lack earned sick and safe leave- risking the health and safety of themselves, the public, and their families. Access to earned sick and safe leave reduces employee turnover, protects the safety of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, increases employee morale and productivity, and ensures workers don’t spread illnesses.

  • Paid sick days provide families with economic security: Workers without paid sick days jeopardize either their health or their families’ financial stability every time they or a loved one gets sick.
  • Reduces spread of illness: Access to paid sick days reduces the spread of the flu in the workplace by nearly six percent.
  • Paid sick days save employers money by reducing turnover. The cost of replacing workers, including advertising positions, interviewing, and training replacements, are often greater than the cost of providing paid sick time to retain existing workers.
  • Paid sick and safe days would protect victims of domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault when they need it most, to take time off of work to seek assistance or assist a family member in an emergency.

The Spokane City Council recently established a working group to provide recommendations on an earned sick and safe leave policy for the City of Spokane.

Join us in support of Spokane’s Sick and Safe Leave policy by attending the working group meeting, Wednesday May 27th, 3pm, West Central Community Center, (1603 North Belt Street, Spokane, WA 99205).

Other ways you can show your support include attending a Spokane City Council meeting to share your story about why sick and safe leave is important for your family, and contact your City Council Representative directly to ask for their support.

Find more ways to get involved here, and join us on the campaign Facebook Page, where you’ll find all the latest information.

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