Nancy, you won.  However, it really was not a contest. You did not have to prove to everyone in Spokane that you are the biggest labor union basher on the Spokane City Council.

There will be no Wisconsin-style effort to repeal bargaining rights in Spokane. The city council voted 6-1 on a nonbinding resolution stating its support for collective bargaining. Councilman Jon Snyder said he felt it was important to send a signal to its workers that the city respects the bargaining rights because of efforts under way in other communities to change bargaining rules. Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin (pictured at left) cast the lone vote in opposition.  –The Spokesman Review, via the Washington State Labor Council.

Nancy McLaughlin: A Threat to the Middle Class?

Collecting bargaining rights and Unions gave us the 40 hour work week and the middle class. They also instrumental in us KEEPING the 40 hour work week and the middle class.   By the way the middle class has not seen a meaningful increase in its disposable income in decades while your CEO buddies have increased their own salaries to obscene levels.

Nancy McLaughlin is running for the Washington State Senate in the 3rd Legislative District of Spokane.



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