There was a memorial  potluck honoring Craig Salins this last Saturday January 19, in the Community Building downtown Spokane.  Craig Salins was the Director of Washington Public Campaigns and passed away unexpectedly last fall.  He was a passionate leader and advocate for campaign finance reform and government by the people, as free as possible from meddling of corporations and special interests.  Craig will be missed as a friend and leader.

The evening included the dedication of a beautiful teak bench honoring Craig – to become a sturdy presence in the lobby for activists to rest – or to stand and deliver – to say what they need to say!  Regardless, it abutted the 3rd anniversary of the Citizen’s United decision. Also, there was presented a DVD tribute to Craig, prepared by friends Lolly Bates and Mark Early from Seattle, and special guest Ken Dammand, Washington Public Campaigns board member and WAMEND attended.

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