(Letter-to-the-Editor  from Bart Haggin) Mayor Condon seems to want to want to appeal to his base by picking Frank Straub for “Police Chief” but that could make his re-election less than iffy.

David Condon’s ideology and his past political experience might tempt him to pick a promoter of the privatization of public services but this guy would be a bad choice.

New Spokane Police Chief Frank Staub

Frank Straub may have a great brand of hokum to articulate but he would be a disaster for the Mayors re-election. Let me count the ways.

He is not a cop and would either have to become a rookie or be a high priced administrator and Spokane would need a police chief besides!

During his tumultuous 28-month tenure in Indianapolis he drew criticism over his aggressive leadership style and his decisions on police reforms amid multiple scandals.

The Public Safety budget ran $15 million in the red.

Property crime and violent crime went up significantly.

He hired a personal friend’s company to help him “reorganize” the police department.

He claimed “50 years of corruption” but both the mayor and the interim police chief disagreed, according to Fox News.

But with his PhD and with all of the above “qualifications”, what could go wrong?


Bart Haggin

Spokane, Wa


Update 1: With Council President Ben Stuckart’s assistance, the Spokane City Council recently voted to place Prop 1 for Independent Investigative Powers for the City of Spokane Police Ombudsman on the February 12, 2013, local City of Spokane ballot. If Proposition 1 passes, citizens of Spokane will have a powerful tool to keep an eye on their City of Spokane Police Department.

Update 2: There is more discussion of Frank Staub at this forum.

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