Republican Matt Shea of Spokane Valley has a talent for doing the offensive. His behaviors range from making his ex-wife walk down the sidewalk in a submissive position to him to pulling an illegal handgun on a motorist during a road rage incident of his.  Matt Shea has  violated restraining orders from his ex-wife and traveled to his opponent’s house to intimidate her.

Matt Shea

Few disagree that Washington State Representative Matt Shea is a real piece of work. Even Republican Party Leaders have turned their back on him including Sherriff Ozzie Knezovich, while his opponent Amy Biviano is racking up Republican endorsements.  All this is detailed on the new site with detailed citations from the Spokesman and other sources. 

While you might be focused on the headline grabbing races for President and Governor, some disturbing things have been happening in Spokane Valley’s 4th Legislative District. Our elected representative, Matt Shea, has dishonored our district with a string of abusive and threatening behavior. Shea’s behavior is not only embarrassing, but it makes us wonder about his temperament to serve in public office. Click through the site to learn more about Shea’s shameful record.

The question is: Will conservative Spokane Valley vote for a Democrat over a wife abusing, gun pulling, law breaking Republican in the name of Matt Shea?

(Update: Eastern Washington Voters made this youtube video of Matt Shea)

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