mOORE AND LADUKEWinona LaDuke, Native American leader, spoke about political and spiritual solutions to our world’s problems in Showalter Hall at the Cheney campus of Eastern Washington University today, Wednesday.  Winona LaDuke is a well-known internationally recognized Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) author, speaker and activist.  She was joined by Liz Moore, an engaged local activist from the Spokane area. Liz is the Executive Director of the Peace and Justice Action League.

The speakers and audience explore questions and told stories about outreach to diverse communities, building alliances and partnerships for effecting social change, spirituality, and ways to learn from each other. They questions aimed at examining the challenges of advocating for social justice and organizing for social transformation in different cultures and environments.


“It was a well balance, big picture discussion” with great synergy between the speakers said Victoria Redstarr, Nez Perce of the Joseph band.  Liz took a more linear analytical approach to organizing and power.  Winona took a more circular, spiritual approach that was influenced by her Native American culture, and she pointed out that sometimes it is not necessary to have rigid strategy because we can never anticipate everything that will happen in politics.

Victoria added in agreement that we think we can solve violence and war with more violence and war.  We cannot.   True peace cannot come from force.  Even if we use armed peacekeepers with good intentions, it is not enough.  “We need spiritual solutions and respect for human dignity through conversation with each other.”

Co-sponsors are the Women’s & Gender Studies Program, American Indian Studies Program, and the School of Social Work. Underwriters are a Humanities Washington Spark Grant and the College of Social and Behavioral Science and Social Work with contributions from the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, A Charitable Foundation, the Community Building Foundation, and Dr. Sonja Matison.

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