jon snyderSpokane City Councilman Jon Snyder has been busy.  It is nice to see an elected official who knows the difference between running for office and governing.  Voters hate political bickering.  The want elected officials who work for them, and not just work to get re-elected.  Thanks Jon Snyder!  The  below is from his January 2, 2012, Newsletter.

This City Council doesn’t have the luxury of sitting on our hands. We are the government closest to the people. We vote every week on measures that will hopefully make our town a better place to live. You may have seen a lot of 4-3 votes to close out last year, but that doesn’t keep us from collaborating. I was happy to work with Steve Salvatori on reforming our Multi-Family Tax Exemption and the [Spokane Police] Ombudsman Charter change. I worked with Mile Allen on finding a new facility for the Peaceful Valley Community Center and a neighborhood Greenways pilot project. Mike Fagan and I co-sponsored a resolutions on reclassifying marijuana and getting more parking for bikes and motorcycles downtown.

And that was just some of the work I did with Republican council members. I was honored to work closely with Council President Stuckart and Councilmember Waldref in more ways than I can list here.

Each January my legislative assistant puts together a list of accomplishments from the past year. While our Congress has spent a whole year trying to decide whether or not to give the economy a big self-inflicted wound, on City Council we just have to buckle down, get to work, and find the areas we agree to move things forward.

Olive, the 5th grade girl in the picture above, amazed me at the recent coal train hearing in December when she brought down the house with her great testimony about wanting to play soccer in air that was clean to breathe and free from pollution. When I see kids like that in our city, already articulate and aware, it just makes me want to work even harder to get things done. Below is partial list of our 2012 projects. There’s lots of great work, but lots of challenges remain. With your support I’ll tackle even more 2013. Happy New Year.


Jon Snyder
Spokane City Council Dist. 2 Pos. 2

 2012 Accomplishments by Jon Snyder


– Opposed a change in the change of [Spokane Police] Ombudsman term from three years to one and advocate for greater citizen input to shape the Office of the [Police] Ombudsman.

– Introduced improvements to the Multi-Family Tax Exemption that will last for another five years.

-Created a citizen committee to research and produce recommendations for the creation of neighborhood Greenways which are dedicated boulevards for bicycle and pedestrian transit. The Committee produced 4 top recommendations for initial Greenway Pilot Projects, which I presented to Council with project co-sponsor Mike Allen.

-Sponsored a 14 point resolution calling for police reform and oversight which passed unanimously.

-Worked to strategically recruit board members for the Peaceful Valley Community center and then helped secure Community Development and Neighborhood Planning monies for the capital improvements needed to move the center to Browne’s Addition.

– Brought forward a Resolution that expanded the role of Neighborhood Councils; giving them a more inclusive role in City Government.

– Advocated for more public safety resources in the City budget.

– Worked on numerous traffic calming measures including a Finch Elementary Street Vacation and crossing bumpouts at Franklin Elementary.

– Brought forward Marriage Equality Resolution for the Council.

– Introduced a non-binding Resolution to preserve the historic Jensen-Byrd Building.

– Introduced a Resolution to support changing medical marijuana to a Class 2 drug.

– Worked with other Council Members to get input on a redesign of the Skate Park under the Freeway by Grindline.

– Testified in Olympia in favor of the Neighborhood Safe Speeds Bill that would allow non-arterial streets to set a speed limit of 20 MPH.

– Worked on Library Levy to ensure our Public Libraries stay a strong resource within our community.

– Ordinance change restricting oversized loads downtown during morning and afternoon rush hours.

– Testified in front of the Liquor Control Board in favor of East Central Alcohol Impact Area

– Successfully arranged funding for WorkSource job services at the Downtown library for 2013

– Secured matching funds for new BMX pump track at Dwight Merkel Sports Complex

– Sponsored legislation for downtown parking improvements for bicycles and motorcycles

– Successfully proposed and moderated panel on local political action in support of historic preservation at the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Spokane

– Pushed for a successful resolution in favor of expanded study of coal train impacts on the Spokane Regional Board of Health

– Was elected Board Chair of Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington

– Served on the Governor’s Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and supported Target Zero program for Spokane County

– Worked with Councilmember Allen to fund neighborhood council hearing impaired interpretive services

– Formed Council task force on City policy responses to I-502

– Added support for Medical Lake interchange improvements and support for changes in state law to make it easier for police to use body cameras to the City of Spokane legislative agenda

– Led discussion on creation of a public utilities commission for the City.

Thank you Jon Snyder.

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