NeuroPolitician has some things to say about the Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna gubernatorial debate in Spokane last week.  He did not like it much.  I have to agree.  Political debates usually put me to sleep.

Candidates rarely say anything interesting.  Candidates know that debates rarely influence the outcome of races, except when one of them screws up big time.  Therefore, in this era of gotcha politics, candidates are incredibly cautious in debates.  Typically, one or both sides insist on no cross questioning, no outside cameras, and no questions from the audience.  Consequently, political debates usually end of being exactly as NeuroPolitician describes below. You can read his entire post that was prompted by the Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna gubernatorial debate on his blog.

Why are political debates so dull and boring?  I had trouble staying awake at the most recent one with Jay Inslee and Rob Mckenna.  Maybe I was over medicated!  It may be that the exchanges are so brief that no one has the time to develop a good argument let alone a good story.  Stories are what create drama and excitement and memorable confrontations.   We are not talking about “gotcha” lines or phrases.  We are talking about human beings who have authentic humanity and passion.   Something has been lost when the facts and issues are boiled down to ninety seconds or even thirty seconds.

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