Candidate for Governor, Jay Inslee, recently spoke to community leaders in Spokane.  Jay Inslee placed an emphasis on job creation and matching our educational system to the needs of the work force in Washington State.  As a U.S. Congressman, Jay helped create millions of jobs  accross the country through his vote for the Stimulus Bill.   An example right here in Spokane County, is the Demand Energy Project in Liberty Lake.

Spokane Jobs Creation

Jay Inslee spoke in detail about his experience with Spokane.

I want to be the first Governor of the State of Washington with roots in Eastern Washington in 75 years . . . the last was Clarence Martin.  I am ready to be a governor for the whole state of Washington including Spokane county . . .

Every time I come here I learn more about the dynamic nature of this community.  By matching it with a similar high bar of vision for economic growth in the State, the experience to bring jobs statewide, I can help Spokane become a driver of economic growth.

Let me tell to you why I believe this.  This morning we had a forum for business leaders, and there we had a guy converting gasoline power cars to electrical cars using lithium batteries . . . an a fellow who had a company called Ag Energy to run circle pivots with biofuels so they can go off of the grid and have a zero electrical bill . . . four days before that we are up at the Spokane medical school, which could be the seat not only for physicians and nurses across the state, but also an entire biotech industry here in Spokane.  You go down the road a little farther and you see Itron, which is a world leader in smart grid technologies and applications.  Spokane County can be a world leader in high-tech, and I want to be a Governor to help make sure that it is.

One of my reasons for optimism is that you have local leaders like Andy Billig.

An Education System that Teaches Innovation

Candidate Jay Inslee also spoke about the need to mathce our educational system with our work force.

To realize this economic growth, we know we need to develop a more advanced, more inclusive educational system.  This is absolutely imperative.  Our economic success is tied to our educational success.  The State of Washington is 5th in the number of high tech jobs it has, but we are 45th in the production of students with the high tech skill set for those jobs. This is both on the doctorial engineering set and on the welding and machining set to produce people with the hands on skills to do these jobs.

That has got to change.  We have an educational system that matches skill set production with the jobs we have today.  We had jobs, identifiable jobs for 5,200 information engineers in the State of Washington.  We only graduated 2,000 of our own kids to do these jobs.

As Governor, I will make sure we have a state-wide plan to match skills production to fill the skills gap we have.

In the State of Washington, one of every four kids will not graduate from high school. They are doomed to an economic culvert not to have a shot at a middle class job.  Some people say it is too much to expect every kid to graduate from high school.  I don’t  believe that.

Labor Rights, Women’s Rights, Marriage Equality, and More

We have to decide if we go backward as a state, or forward.  We have always gone forward as a state to recognize women’s rights.  We were the first state to recognize a women’s right of choice.  We will not let the state go backwards.  We are the first state to support emergency contraception.  ‘We are not going to go backwards in the Governor’s race.  We have been a state that recognizes the rights of people to organize themselves into a union, and if Jay Inslee is electe.

Marriage Equality

We have now gone forward with the right of Washingtonians to love who they want and be committed to who they want.  I, Jay Inslee, am the first person to run for Governor in the State of Washington to say from day one to say I support marriage equality.

Right to Healthcare

Lastly, we have gone forward under the leadership of Barack Obama, and I played a role, to help make sure that every Washingtonian has the right to healthcare.  I am standing up for the right of every Woman in the State of Washington who is a breast cancer survivor to be able to buy health insurance.  That should be the right that every Washington women should have.  I will be danged if I will let Rob McKenna take that right away from every woman in the State of Washington.

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