Spokane Area Office Cleaners Organize for Good Jobs & Strong Communities:  The Janitors and window washers who clean, and maintain office buildings in the Spokane area gathered in Downtown Spokane on Saturday, July 21, to march and rally in support of their statewide contract campaign for “Good Jobs and Strong Communities.” Spokane janitor’s remain some of the  lowest paid in the state.  After a short rally, the cleaning professionals from SEIU Local 6 marched from downtown office building to downtown office building that they cleaned and help maintain.  Spokane City Council Member, and candidate for the 3rd Legislative District, Jon Snyder attended to show his support. 

“We clean and maintain the offices of big banks and investment firms,” stated Bill Dorris, a Spokane janitor and member of SEIU Local 6. “We’ve helped these businesses succeed and now we’d like to ensure that our hard work is rewarded with decent wages and benefits.”

Bellevue and Seattle janitors settled their contracts on June 30. Tacoma and Spokane area janitors are currently in negotiations. Maintaining medical benefits has been the top priority for janitors, who are members of SEIU Local 6.

“Our priority is to provide working families with what they need, building owners and tenants with the professional service they want, and our economy with a much needed boost,” said Sergio Salinas, President of SEIU Local 6.

–Press Release from SEIU on Friday, July 20, 2012.

Support Labor Unions!

The above work in Spokane by the Local 6 of the labor union SEIU is part of much larger national effort, and they could use your support.

Janitors in Houston work hard scrubbing bathrooms each night at the headquarters of some of the most profitable and powerful corporations in the world. On average, they make as little as $9,000 a year and are forced to struggle in poverty. No one who lives and works in a city with so much wealth should raise their children in poverty.
With the cleaning companies that employ over 3,200 janitors refusing to boost wages by more than 50 cents over five years, they had no choice but to strike. As the [labor union organized] Houston janitors enter their fourth week on the picket lines it is clear that they will only win if we do all we can to support their campaign.  Please help us support these janitors [and their labor union] as they take a stand for working families.
Though the janitors are struggling, Houston is not. The commercial real estate market is strong, leaving no excuse for the cleaning companies not to pay their workers a living wage. Even in Detroit — where vacancy rates are higher and rental rates are lower than Houston — janitors are paid almost $3 more an hour than those working in Houston.Contribute to the janitors’ strike fund and help them stand against corporate greed while demanding a fair compensation for their hard work.
In Solidarity,
Mary Kay Henry
President, SEIU
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