The Different Drummers movie is a brisk paced family drama that is powered by the bond of friendship between two ten-year old boys who support each other no matter what. Just like Steven King’s “Stand by Me”, Different Drummers reminds you of what it was like to be ten years old and hanging out with your best friend – the best time in the world; the kind of laughs, adventures, mishaps, and “big” trouble that you just can’t match at any other time of your life. Co-writers and co-directors Don Caron and Lyle Hatcher capture that so in this story about the younger Lyle Hatchers childhood friendship.

It is also one of the best films that the Pacific Northwest has recently produced. If you doubt that Spokane writers, directors, and actors could do that, look at the seven awards they have already racked up. Different Drummers premiers this Friday at the AMC theaters in Spokane, WA. Drummers can also be found on Facebook.

Different Drummers is about Friendship

Are they unlikely friends? The over energized younger Lyle Hatcher is decidedly hyperactive. Lyle pretty much drives every one crazy with pretty much everything he does. The patient, philosophical David Dahlke is wheel-chair-bound with muscular dystrophy, and has not been able to truly live as other young boys. Or are they the most perfectly matched of friends? When the two meet up things go very well, even when they go really wrong.

At the beginning of the story, not too many people want much to do with Lyle because of the trouble he gets everyone in. However, when the two meet, David is game. He takes Lyle up on every challenge and adventure that comes along, including the grandest one of all. Lyle is going to do the impossible. He is going to teach David to run again, and by doing so they will test the existence of God.

Somewhat to my surprise, Different Drummers is being pitched by the theaters as a religious movie. This is probably because those types of movies usually do well in the market. However, the religion in Drummers is handled with a light touch. It is just twelve year old boys philosophizing about God and life from time to time. If you are into religion, you will like the movie even more. If you are not, you will barely notice it in the film. It really is the friendship between the two boys that makes the movie special.

Stars and Cast of Different Drummers

This past fall, I was fortunate to interview the two young stars of Different Drummers, Brayden Tucker of Spokane, who plays the younger Lyle Hatcher and Ethan Reed McKay of Portland, Oregon who plays David Dahlke. Some footage from the interview is provided to the right.

Drummers is based on a true story between the Hatcher and Dahlke families in Spokane, Washington in the mid-1960s. It was also filmed here in Spokane, some of it in Peaceful Valley. The casting was with mostly local actors. Dan Anderson, Lisa Coronado, Meg McLynn, Colleen Carey, and others are also from Spokane or the Pacific Northwest.

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