Denny Dellwo announces run for the Legislature

This is great news for anyone that holds a fondness for the working class, tolerance of one’s neighbors, restoring the state budget, and the general idea of sanity.  Democrat Denny Dellwo is challenging incumbent John Ahern for the 3rd Legislative District Seat in Spokane.

Denny should be a very strong candidate, and the eccentric Ahern appears vulnerable.  Dellwo was elect to the  Washington State House of Representatives years ago, but then chose not to seek re-election. He instead wanted to go back to the private sector. Now he is eager to return to public service.

I wanted to be part of this exciting process of writing laws, where one person, if they’re capable, can make a difference. Politics is a profession, just like law is a profession.  You can have an impact on the laws that people live by and offer solutions to society’s problems.  Friends of Denny Dellwo email, Thursday, April 12, 20012.

Denny Dellwo

You can tell quite a bit about a person based on where he has come.

Even as young man, Denny says, he was interested in government. Given the family history, it was hard not to be.

His grandfather, Dennis, was an attorney and Speaker of the House in the Montana Legislature from 1933-35, who fought for issues like worker safety and compensation for on-the-job injuries.

Protections for workers were scarce and powerful interests like the Anaconda mining company resisted mightily and sought to break the unions. Years later, his father’s law firm in Spokane often represented employees in actions for compensation for on-the-job injuries . . .

For the young Irish-Catholic man on the other side of the country, the death of the charismatic President was a turning point.

“I felt very moved by [Democrat John F.] Kennedy and the wonderful things we had seen him do,” Denny says, “and I recognized government service as very honorable work.”  So, he changed course to study law, figuring it was the best avenue to an eventual career in politics.  Friends of Denny Dellwo email, Thursday, April 12, 20012.

Dellwo clan and John Kennedy

Dellwo was elected to the state legislature to serve his constituents.  After years of hard word, he voluntarily returned to the private sector.  Before returning to Spokane year around, Denny Dellwo helped make life easier for working class people in the State of Washington.

 . . . Denny was the architect of groundbreaking health care reform legislation in Washington State, which brought coverage to thousands of families who had none before.

He worked to make it illegal for insurers to discriminate on the basis of age, race, or gender. And he’s especially proud of legislation that required insurers to pay for mammograms for Washington women.  Friends of Denny Dellwo email, Thursday, April 12, 20012.

His Republican Opponent John Ahern

I will save a discussion of Republican John Ahern for another post.  For now, I will simply say that the enterance of a thoughtful, open-minded candidate like Dellwo into the race against Ahern should make the blogger at Spokane Skeptic and many others very happy.


Update: Ahern has announced that he is retiring and not seeking another term.

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