Democratic Rich Cowan was happy on Tuesday night.  He held Republican incumbent Cathy McMorris-Rodgers in the 5th Congressional Race to 55% of the primary vote.  That was 7% lower for her than in 2010 when she got 62%.  All the money she spent did not appear to help her very much.  It may have even hurt her.  If people don’t like what you stand for and don’t like your style of partisan politics, more TV commercials will not result in more votes.

Rich Cowan’s Chances in the General

With most of the ballots counted, Rich Cowan, Ian Moody, and Randall Yearout pulled a combined 45% of the anti-McMorris vote.  If that voting block holds together for the general election and is joined by a majority of the undecided voters, Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers will be a threatened incumbent.

Is McMorris’s appeal wearing thin?  She rarely visits the City of Spokane, and instead spends all her  time building a political organization for the Republican Party.

Could this be the year that Democrats regain Tom Foley’s seat?

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