Democrat Marcus Riccelli attributes his primary 3rd LD victory for the State House to his message, volunteers, and strategic campaigning.

With most of the votes count, Marcus Riccelli essentially cinched his first campaign victory as a candidate. He held his celebration party at the historic Toad Hall this last Tuesday in the West Central neighborhood of Spokane.

On Tuesday night, it was still a crowded five-way race for 2nd place with Democrat Bob Apple, Republican Tim Benn, and Democrat Jon Snyder within a tenth of a percentage point of each other. Only Riccelli and one of the other three will go to the general election. We probably will not know for sure who that second place person is for a few weeks, as a recount may be needed [but now on Friday, August 10, we know that is it not].

Crowded primaries are always interesting. They are often more interesting from the standpoint of trying to predict a winner ahead of time than are general elections. There is little polling, and you just never know how the votes will split up and who is taking support from the who. However, after you look at the results, they usually make sense in hindsight.

Jon Snyder, Tim Benn, Bob Apple, and Morgan Olyer

Although Bob Apple ran a low-intensity campaign, he still has fans from his time on the Spokane City Council. Even people who disagree with some of his politics like him a lot as a person and respect his integrity. Also, we need to face it. Bob Apple is a great name for American politics.

While a relative newcomer to politics, Jon Snyder has been an effective City Councilman and frequently in the news and ran a solid, hi-energy campaign.

Riccelli, Apple, and Snyder split the Democratic vote. Tim Benn and Morgan Olyer split the Republican vote.

If Tim Benn wins 2nd place, Riccelli will very likely coast to an easy general election victory in the strongly Democratic 3rd LD.

Marcus Riccelli Announcement

The below is an email from the Riccelli Campaign

Thanks to your help our campaign took a big step forward this week with a decisive victory in our primary election, and now that most of the ballots have been counted we know who we will be facing in the general election: Republican Tim Benn. Before I go any further, however, I want to take this opportunity to thank Jon Snyder for running a very strong and spirited race, for his tireless dedication as a public servant and for endorsing my candidacy Thursday evening.

This campaign from its beginning has been supported by committed volunteers who have contributed tremendously to our success. I want to personally thank our many volunteers who helped knock on thousands of doors and make thousands of calls.  Your devotion made it possible to take our message of job creation, fully funding basic education, improving our quality of life and protecting our social safety net directly to the doorsteps and dinner tables of the 3rd District. We are in sync with what our community wants and needs.

In the three-month sprint leading up to the primary election, I personally visited over 5,000 households, and our team visited so many more. Thanks to so many of you who donated, we were able to enhance this effort with mail and TV to ensure our message truly resonated with the voters.

Together we set a first goal to advance to the general election and with your help we had a tremendous first victory! But this is just the beginning. Over the next three months we need to have meaningful conversations with a broader electorate who will vote in the general election and want results-oriented representation.

Thanks to your continued friendship and support we are one step closer to bringing our shared vision for Spokane to fruition. We have a lot more work to do, and I am confident that with your help we can win in November!

On behalf of myself, my family and our entire team, thanks for all you have done to get us this far and all you will do to help us through November.



The 3rd LD makes up one of the poorest in the state as discussed here, and it is includes the downtown area of Spokane, much of the South Hill, ‘Browns Addition, West Central, East Central, and parts of other neighborhoods.

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