Tim Eyman just filed with the Secretary of State for a 2018 Initiative to ban the implementation of an income tax at the state and local level.  Of course, the State of Washington does not currently have an income tax. This, like many of his other initiatives, probably would not stand up in court.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
This morning at 11 am in the Secretary of State’s office, we filed our initiative for 2018. It’s really exciting.
We always spend the year before analyzing and deciding what initiative we’re going to do the following year. It’s a tough thing to do — trying to identify the greatest threat to the taxpayers the following year.
For months, while we’ve been working hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative, Jack, Mike, and I have been talking with one another about next year. Two things happened that made our 2018 initiative choice really obvious:
* Pro-capital-gains-tax Democrat Manka Dhingra won the 45th district senate seat, giving complete control of the Legislature to the tax-obsessed Democrats.
* One week after the election, the state supreme court issued a ruling ordering the 2018 legislature to “find” an additional $1 billion in tax revenue.

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