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Spokane City Year Recap from Lori Kinnear

Here is a 2017 recap from City Council Women Lori Kinnear, District #2, on the accomplishments of the Spokane City Council.  It looks decent.  The City is expanding community court as an alternative to incarceration, passed a new strategic plan, and funding more assistance to the homeless.

With the same swiftness that fall has seemingly turned to winter, so too did November quickly turn to December. The past six weeks have been extremely busy in the City Council office; so much so that I decided not to do a November newsletter. Instead, here are some of the biggest updates from City Hall as 2017 draws to a close with the much-needed commencement of the holiday season:

Strategic Plan
On Monday, December 11, the City Council voted in favor of a resolution to officially adopt  the new six-year Strategic Plan for the City of Spokane. This plan is the result of joint deliberations between the Mayor’s administration and the City Council and represents a unified strategic vision for the entire City. The plan identifies four main goals: (1) supporting innovative infrastructure, (2) promoting safety and health, (3) enhancing the urban experience, and (4) managing resources in a sustainable manner. In October, the City Council revised its standing committee structure, previously made of five committees, into four committees, each of which is oriented towards one of the four goals. This Strategic Plan includes a two-year action plan for 2018 and 2019 aimed at immediately reducing property crime, embracing diversity, maximizing public assets, improving streets, marketing Spokane, improving access to the Spokane River, building a 21st Century workforce, and investing in targeted areas throughout the City. The plan’s measures for success include growth in the median household income level, increases in property values, improvement to the City’s bond rating, improvement of Spokane’s safety compared to similar Washington cities, and growth in the amount of livable-wage jobs.

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After a three-year effort of members and advocates like you, the Spokane City Council finally voted to approve the Complete Streets Ordinance at the close of 2011. After the passage of a new street bond, Spokane started to see results on the ground.

Now that we are well on our way to creating a community with healthy transportation choices that work for everyone, a poorly worded concept in Spokane’s draft comprehensive plan update could stall our progress and subvert a core component of Complete Streets: the transportation project ranking system that ensures transportation projects we build reflect our community values and support our economic priorities. Read the rest of this entry

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Randy Ramos for Spokane City Council in 2015

Eastern Washington Voters has endorsed Randy Ramos for Spokane City Council over that of incumbent Republic Mike Fagan for the 1st City Council district. All it takes is a google search to see that Fagan has been an embarrassment to Spokane.  He has been widely criticized in the national media for his crazy ideas and telling parents not to immunize their children against deadly diseases like measles.

On the other hand, Randy Ramos is a level head guy who wants to focus on recreating more jobs and opportunities for people in Spokane. These are serious issues that affect our City.  In contrast, Fagan is constantly distracted from the needs of Spokane by his imaginations of United Nation’s plots and the dangers of bikini baristas.

Randy’s practical focus probably has a lot to do with having to work hard for a living, understanding what it is like to have to pay bills, and go to work every day.  Randy is a painter by trade and works seasonally as a recruiter for the local Indian colleague.  Randy Ramos of Hillyard will represent Spokane well.

Bryan E. Burke

Executive Director
Eastern Wa. Voters

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spokane cit coun free speechMike Fagan‘s eighth man circus has caused another ruckus. I support what Councilman Jon Snyder wrote about it. Still, there is a lot of confusion about what free speech really is.  The City Council did not ban any words the other day, and it is hyperbola for KXLY to claim that it did.  A TV station should have a better grasp of the legislative process and what the word banning really means.

If I want to, it is within my personal 1st amendment rights to ask you to stop talking. I most likely would not do that, because it is a bit overbearing and disrespectful. However, it is also not even what the Spokane City Council did the other day.

I might, however, ask you not to use a word that I consider offense or respectful.  Freedom of speech is not restricted simply because someone is advised not to use a word. It is their right to ask you, and it is your right to ignore their request if you choose.

Restrictions only happen when you are actually denied the right to expressed yourself. Read the rest of this entry

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Nancy McLaughlin Wins: The Biggest Union Basher!

Nancy, you won.  However, it really was not a contest. You did not have to prove to everyone in Spokane that you are the biggest labor union basher on the Spokane City Council.

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