While Bank of America’s CEO and shareholders meet in Charlotte, NC, tomorrow, the 99% is took to the streets across the nation to protest BofA. As the economy declined, BofA made millions in profits by dodging taxes and foreclosing on homes, which hit communities of color especially hard.

Bad publicity is like kryptonite to big banks and big corporations—that’s why thousands of people are protesting, marching, and raising our voices in solidarity to draw the media’s attention to BofA’s shameless practices. Nearly 200 communities are standing up to Bank of America this week, and there’s one near you.   More rallies are coming (Much of this text came from an email by Cynthia Hamilton, May 8, 2012).

(Update: Some friendly mention of the 99% movement‘s opposition to big corporations appears at HorsesAss.org.  Goldy and his colleges are all around muckrakers of the muckiest and proponents of good.)


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