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(By guest contributor Tim Connor) It has now been almost five months since voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1 in Spokane, the city charter amendment that requires the City to have an independent police ombudsman. And, yet, we still don’t. Ombudsman Tim Burns’s continues to be shackled by the terms of a 2008 “interim” agreement negotiated behind closed doors between former Mayor Mary Verner and the Spokane Police Guild. He cannot conduct the independent investigations that are now required by the city charter, nor can he issue the independent reports that Proposition 1 requires.

And the question is: Why not? Read the rest of this entry

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(Letter-to-the-Editor  from Bart Haggin) Mayor Condon seems to want to want to appeal to his base by picking Frank Straub for “Police Chief” but that could make his re-election less than iffy.

David Condon’s ideology and his past political experience might tempt him to pick a promoter of the privatization of public services but this guy would be a bad choice. Read the rest of this entry

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