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I have admired Breean Beggs for a long time.  It is good see him involved in the public debate about why Sean Oie’s killer was released. I am also intrigue about Breean Beggs’ candidacy for Spokane County Prosecutor.

Freedom from fear – What we can learn from Sean Oie’s death


Our community was shocked by the stabbing of Sean Oie at the Spokane Bus Plaza June 7. The news was made worse when we learned that the confessed killer had been arrested and gone through the criminal justice system only a few weeks prior for attempted home invasion and making a threat to kill.

Although he was in jail on May 8th with a $50,000 bond and had requested drug treatment, formal charges were never filed and a future killer was released. A prosecutor now blames the police for not providing more paperwork, even though the key facts of the crimes and his violent criminal history were presented in court by another prosecutor and charges could have been filed.

No one is taking responsibility for dropping the ball or taking steps to keep this from happening again.

We need a prosecutor’s office that works more quickly and closely with law enforcement and the Department of Corrections to prevent this from ever happening again. We can’t bring Sean Oie back, but we can restore the community’s sense of personal safety.

The issue of community safety should be priority number 1 in the prosecutor’s office. I am the only candidate who has a track record of holding government accountable to the law and I have the proven experience to work across governmental departments to improve communication and keep our neighborhoods safer.

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