You may have seen the Spokane Party Trolley downtown and  wondered just what the heck it was. It is a human-pedal-powered mobile that holds up to eight cyclists and seven more passengers. It is available for rental from Nina.

Nina let me ride on a couple different tours last week. The first group was a birthday party and the second was a bachelorette party. We started at the Saranac Building and made a loop downtown stopping at a few different bars. It was a complete blast. I have never seen people have so much fun.

The Spokane Party Trolley is available for private parties and other events. Nina or her staff will drive while you pedal. It is fairly easy. Eight reasonably in-shape people can cruise around at four miles per hour and climb a slight incline very once in a while for few hours without two much trouble if they take short breaks here and there. The Trolley holds up to 15 riders and passengers.  More information and rental details can be found on her website. This is Nina’s first couple weeks in business, and she is still putting up pictures and information on her site so be patient please. She can be contact through her webpage.

Update: Other coverage of the bicycle-powered Spokane Party Trolley can be found at the Spokesman Review.

It’s green, 19 feet long, runs on 20 legs and produces a bit of a buzz.

No, we’re not talking mutant insect. This is the Spokane Party Trolley – an environmentally friendly, pedal-powered pub on wheels, complete with keg tap, that relies on its riders for fuel as it travels between stops.

“You’ve got to work for your beer on this,” said Nina Kindem, who just launched the business out of the Saranac Building, 17 W. Main Ave.

Groups can rent the trolley for two hours or more. Up to five people on each side pump the pedals. There’s room for five others to sit, plus space for a standing host/bartender in the middle. A company-provided pilot perched up front keeps things under control and on schedule.

“They’re not there so much to enforce the rules as to make sure everyone has a good time,” Kindem said. “When you’re drinking and pedaling, it’s easy to get off track.”

(Update:  Nina now owns two of these Spokane bike bars, which are imported from the Netherlands.  One of them has an electric motor on it to assist the peddlers if their route has a small hill, or even if they just need a little extra help.)

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