Andy Billig Announces Run for the Washington State Senate

Justice, equality, safety, responsibility, and prosperity . . . those are the things we cherish. My goal in being a Representative is to take those values and put them into action, and you all helped me do that over the last two years. With your help, I was able to go to Olympia and fight for those values and put them into action.

I was proud last year to cast a vote for marriage equality. We are not there yet on that one. We got one more vote that you all get to participate in. We protected our Spokane River to limit phosphorous and reduce algae blooms. That not only protects our river but our aquifer which is a single source of drinking water for over five hundred thousand people in Eastern Washington. During last session we fought for resources for early learning and protected education funding. We strengthened our campaign finance laws for transparency and fairness in elections. We made big strides in creating jobs and boosting economic development. One of those big jobs in economic development that we . . . were able to get the Spokane Medical/Bioscience built for a four year medical school in Spokane.

Just recently, a guy came up to me and introduce himself, and he is a researcher at the whammy program . . . essentially the medical school. He is a world renown nationally regarded sleep researcher. He said “I wanted to think you for the capital budget.” I said it was a really great community effort. I am so glad we got the Medical School funded. He got a blank look on his face and I could kind of tell that we were not connecting. We were not talking about the same thing. He said, “oh yeah that is right, but it is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the pedestrian bridge to the U-District. That is what I am really excited about.” We funded three million dollars for land acquisition and design for this pedestrian bridge. He said I” walk work and I don’t have a safe or easy way to get there.”

It was a great reminder that we need to create jobs, but that is not where it stops. We have to make sure people can get to those jobs and get there safely and efficiently in a healthy way and even the bigger picture. We need to build livable communities. I was really thankful to him for that lesson.

Those are just a few things that we together were able to accomplish. I would like to go back to Olympia. I would like to keep fighting for you for our values and put them into action and I would like to do it in the State Senate. I am all in for this campaign, but I cannot do it alone. I want to keep fighting for you, and I want to know if you are with me. Will you help me? (Hoops and hollers, and yeahs!) Thank you. I was hoping that was the response I would get.

Gay Marriage in Washington State: Update

Andy Billig is one of the many Democrats who recognize that  Gay Marriage is the civil rights battle of our generation. It is a fundamental human right for people to love, honor, and commit to whoever they choose.  Democrat Ben Stuckart and Jon Snyder have also been championing the issue locally.  In this last session, the Democratic controlled Washington State Legislature legalized Gay Marriage in Washington State.  However, some throw-backs to Jim Crow choose to place an initiative on the ballot to overturn the Washington State Legislature, and it will be on the fall 2012 ballot.

Democratic candidate for Governor, Ron Sims, was speaking out and fighting for gay marriage in Washington State way back in 2004.


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