Candidate Amy Biviano for the 4th LD in Spokane County has built a growing list of Republican endorsements because of her even  temperament, business experience, and her ability to work across party lines. The 4th Legislative District includes Spokane Valley and has historically been very conservative.  Challenger Amy Biviano may have a chance at beating Matt Shea.

Amy Biviano

Spokane Valley, WA:  4th LD Candidate Amy Biviano continues to receive bipartisan support.  Her fiscally conservative positions and strong public safety policies are resonating with prominent Republicans.  These endorsements further validate her belief in strengthening our communities by bolstering small business, family values, and education.

Michael A. Senske, the president and CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems, said: “At this juncture in our state’s history it is imperative that we elect reasonable and intelligent representatives who are capable of working cooperatively across party lines to deal with the very serious issues our state is facing.  Even though I’ve been affiliated with the GOP in Washington state for many years, there is no more room for blindly supporting candidates based simply on party affiliation.  I’m supporting Amy Biviano, a Democrat, because she stands in stark contrast to her opponent.  She possesses the intellect, temperament, and leadership qualities necessary to move our state forward.”

Senske joins a long list of Republican community leaders who are supporting Biviano for the State House of Representatives, including: Liberty Lake Councilwoman Cris Kaminskas, Spokane Valley Councilman Chuck Haffner, Marcus Poulin, Craig Holmes, Margie Basaraba, Patrick Johnson, Jen Larson, Anna Bersagel, and Chuck Teegarden.

“Our broad-based support is a true testament to the strength of our community.  Especially during tough economic times, we need representatives who are willing and able to work across party lines and who remember that our most important allegiance is to our country, not our political parties,” Biviano said.  “Voters of all stripes recognize that I am the best candidate to stimulate job creation by making small business taxes lower, simpler, and fairer.”

Biviano is running in the fourth legislative district, which includes the Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Otis Orchards, Millwood, Newman Lake, Greenacres, and Mead.  She is running a vigorous campaign powered by voter engagement, candidate forums, and canvassing across the district.  She holds a BA from Yale University, an MBA from Gonzaga School of Business, and is a certified public accountant.  –Email from the Biviano campaign.

Matt Shea

Incumbent State Rep. Matt Shea has been a lightning rod for criticism regarding his problems with the law and abuse of women.  In 2008, Matt Shea estranged wife filed for a divorce on the grounds of physical and emotional abuse.

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